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  1. Mining To start off with mining you would require to have a pickaxe. This is avaible at the general store. Run to the shop located west at Home and trade the Shop assistant. Once you bought a pickaxe you can go to the teleport interface => Skilling => Mining guild You can obtain the following ores at the Dwarven Mine: Clay Copper ore Tin Ore Iron ore Coal Gold ore Mithril ore Adamantite ore When you reach 60 Mining you can enter the Mining guild where are many more rocks to mine.
  2. Fishing Guide You can start fishing by simply use the teleport interface Once you arrive at the fishing guild you can just buy all the fishing supplies by trading the shop 'Fishing supplies' Fishing spots and requirements Fish spot 1: Start fishing here / level 5 Fish spot 2: level 20 / level 25 Fish spot 3: level 40 / level 35 Fish spot 4: level 79 Fish spot 5: level 5 Fish spot 6= level 62 / level 76 Exp table coming soon Goodluck with the grind!
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