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  1. Hello fellow creatures of Terrarium! I just wanted to make this post to keep everyone informed of all the little tweaks / fixes within the last two mini updates; Donator store overhaul We've removed any best in slot trade-able item; for the health and longevity of the economy. We've instead introduced two new boxes to the store; one was an existing box (Raid's chest) which is a rare drop from CoX; and the second being the Uber Mystery Chest. Rare table within Uber Mystery Chest The goal of this box was to have something that is high risk high reward; the rare table on this is incredible however; be warned; the bulk of the value in this box is in the rare table; hitting any other table will almost always be a rip (value of box in donator coins compared to item) We've also added in the ava's assembler to both the vote store and the donator store; I pondered adding it into the general store for like 250m; but I think it's one a very steep price and two; very early into the economy to add such a huge gp sink. Top Donator Amulet / Voter Amulet These will be awarded to the top donator of the month / voter of the month; The TVOM amulet has 5% drop rate while the donator has 10% below are the stats Top Voter Amulet Top Donator Amulet World boss overhaul We removed all wilderness locations from the world boss (;;telewb) as well as lowering the rareness of the uncommon table; while adding the "world key" to the table. We also re-introduced a third box for the player with the most damage on the boss. Raids I've been messing with raids a lot over the past week trying to make it exciting as can be; with the re-worked raids table (which can be found under guides) as well as introducing the raid box I think we are at a happy medium; and I myself as a player get very excited every time I complete a raid. As a temporary test I've removed all food drops from the bosses with raids; I think raids are very easily solo-able without food drops; and is meant to be end game; meaning if you need extra food drops / banking you are probably under geared for the occasion. Weapon buffs All blood weapons have been further increased by 10%; I believe there's not enough distinction between the normal versions and the blood versions of any weapon. I have decided to buff them all and have done some testing; further buffing / nerfing may be implied down the line. Dragon hunter Crossbow I have increased the multiplier on the damage while attacking dragons ( this was verified that olm counts as a dragon) the old multiplier called for 1.3x bonus when attacking dragons; but was still clearly out dps'd by a twisted bow. To close the gap / give the DHCB an edge I've increased that multiplier to x2 for the normal and 2.25x for the blood version. After testing this netted 10-14% faster kill times on olm (p ringed the melee arm) Sang staff After some testing I believed this item needed a slight buff due to the cost of use compared to the other blood items; with all blood items currently being tested to have a "life steal" affect sang needed a buff; therefore I increased its attack speed from 4 intervals to 3; as well as increased the multiplier on the base from .69 (ayy lmao) to .72. The blood Sang also had a huge increase on the amount of hp returned on hit. Lastly I slightly increased the damage multiplier and accuracy on void; I want this to be a pretty close contender to later game gear; and a great budget set-up. It was previously x1.35 damage and has been increased to x1.5.
  2. Rolla

    Raid's guide

    Hello fellow Terrarium creatures! I see everyone has been enjoying the updated raids so I figured I'd make a quick guide explaining / showing methods of clearing; please note everything is subject to change and raids are still being looked at / tweaked. First let's start off with how to get to raids; locate the "Terrarium Teleports" which is found by clicking the "earth" icon on your action bar; from there locate minigames and raids. From here you must either join your cc, or a cc of a person you'd wish to join raids with Below is what I think current best in slot raid set-up would look like (up for debate) My reasoning is as followed Helm slot: Serp is by far the best in slot for many reasons; venoming bosses with higher health meaning overall dps increase / stops you from being poisoned in raids. If you had to pick a replacement i'd go with your best in slot hybrid helm or your best in slot for whatever your main style is going to be. Cape slot: The capes you get as milestones from raids are best in slot; they start at 2.5% flat damage increase at raids and scale 2.5% per cape upgrade (caps at 12.5% with the highest cape) more details on thresholds of capes below. Neck slot: If you are not in best in slot and can't afford 4 way switches I'd go with a fury or whatever your best hybird neck is Ring slot: I think brimstone is the best in slot hybrid ring in pure stats which is why I picked it. The rest of the slots are pretty self explanatory. Budget build In total there are 5 rooms in raids; the first four can come up in any random order. The rooms are as followed Lizardmen Shaman This room is fairly simple; pray melee and should be a breeze. Vanguards For this room the closest enemy you'll need to use melee on; while praying melee. The back left you'll need range and hybrids (range / magic) damage. The back right you'll need magic gear and does magic damage. Melee vanguard Range Vanguard Magic Vanguard Muttadile Easy room; just throw up protect from melee Vasa Pray magic; simple room ( will be adding hybird magic to range and attack all) Olm You must kill both claws with the respective styles listed then you can attack the head; make sure to pray magic in this room and move every time a pool of poison appears below you (serp helmet) makes it so it won't poison you afterwards. Rewards After hitting thresholds of raids complete you will get some guaranteed rewards After 24 raids you will receive your first raids cape that gives you 2.5% more damage in raids ( as well as a raid pet) After 49 you'll get the 2nd cape 5% more damage After 74 you'll get the 3rd cape 7.5% more damage (as well as a raids pet) After 99 you'll get the 4th cape at 10% more damage After 149 you'll get the final raids cape 12.5% more damage ( as well as a raids pet) After 199 you'll get a raids pet (secret) After 249 you'll get a raids pet (secret) That is all I will share with you on that; lets move on to the common table in raids. It is coded after finishing a raid the game will roll a number 1-200; if that number is 180 or below you'll get a common reward; anything over and you hit the rare table. These are the only two tables in raids; and no drop rate items affect this. Now remember these are the MAX amount you can get but it rolls from 1-(max amount) meaning you can get 1 diamond if unlucky enough. I will list out the herbs in order from top left to bottom right incase people want to know. Toadflax; rannar, irit, avantoe, kwuarm; snapdragon; cadatine; dwarf weed Rare table The chest is the "raid chest" which has the following drops
  3. Hello fellow creatures of Terrarium! I know surface level it might not seem like a lot has happened over the last few weeks however behind the scenes I've been working everyday to make sure this project stays full steam ahead. As most of you know Grumpy just created his 2nd gold farmer; I mean child and is taking a backseat on the OSRS server to help work on the custom side. He however did not fully leave, I still talk with him almost everyday and is up to date on all the changes / goals I've made for the server. Some of my initial plans of action where to build up a staff team; as majority of the team has moved to building the custom server I needed to find people who can fill the slots. I am happy to say I've found three people who I think can really help get this show on the road. Tanker65 / Elite tank : This will be our new community manager; I've known tanker for almost 10 years and I think he will make a great addition to the team. He will also be aiding on the dev side with smaller projects. Tyler / Dev Tyler: He will be our second dev behind myself; Tyler has worked on coding p servers for fun (nothing released) and has a college degree in comp/scie. I hope with his help coding will be a breeze and maybe with that college degree he can teach us some advance coding techniques (Grumpy still #1 though) Z / Kat: He will be lead of staff ( that being hiring / mods / ss) along with overall aid within the community. I hope you all have seen these guys around; they've been playing on there player accounts for about two weeks now and you should see there staff accounts around soon enough; as well as introduction from all of them on the forums soon! Goals So as we all know Terrarium has its... lets call it 🌟 charm 🌟 and we are working every day to slowly chip away those rough edges to get a more clean feel to the server. What this means is we are focusing on QoL and current bugs before any future updates. What you can expect over the next few weeks are shop re-vamps, drop table re-vamps, box re-vamps, QoL's fixes, and things along those lines. We looked though all of the bug reports and have started to knock those out as well. This might seem like we are slowing down because there's no exciting new content update but like I've told many players in game think of the server like building a house. I am trying to make sure we have a solid foundation before adding on extra floors and a pool. However you have nothing to worry about as far as future content goes, I am never short of idea's; in fact my idea's are only limited by the skill of our coding, which will also grow with the server. For those of you that read the entire thread; comment congratulating Grumpy on his new born for a chance to win a raid chest!
  4. Hello fellow creatures of Terrarium! The Game Master has done some tweaks with his magic (if you can even call it magic) to help with our quality of life within our world! Raids Raids should now be fixed so that you can take on the chambers with however many people you want! Make sure you are in a CC you own (for the party leader) along with everyone else who wants to take on the challenge! We've removed some of the rooms; we wanted to keep raids semi challenging however in the current state you basically needed ;;bank to clear it in full. You should now be able to do an entire raid on 1 inventory of supplies ( as long as you wisely pick your items). We've also added an exciting new box to the rare table from Raids; there wasn't a way in game besides donating to get any ToB item; and with ToB not being within the near future the Game Master wanted all players to have a way to obtain those items. For full clarity the rate to hit the rare table in raids has been reduced; this may or may not need some more adjustments. From 1-300 (296+ being rare table) to 1-200 (181+ rare drop table) Introducing the Raid Chest! The new chest has a unique table with some exciting items (unobtainable before now) (loot from all tables of the new chest) Other changes - Added Ultra Mystery box & Noted crystal key to Graceful store (thank you Pixel for all your hard work on the math) - Removed Serp Guardians hitting through prayer (I debated either lowering the drop rate on the items and keeping them as difficult or making them afk-able again; due to poll results I believe this is a good temp solution). - Removed all wilderness locations from World Boss (will be working on a wilderness version as well) - Lowered the amount of votes needed for Ultra Mystery boxes ( this is to make it in-line as a viable option for selling) - New highscores added! Also stay tuned for an updated overhaul on the webstore and in-game to come soon! Poll results This one was a bit of a tie up between a few different things. For now I will be looking to overhaul current bosses / slayer drop tables. Hopefully adding as much excitement as you can to a non rare drop table. I want you to average out to a decent gp/h even without a rare so I'll be working on this over the next few days. After that it looks like high tier PvM / skilling are next on the list. For now I hope the fixing of raids as well as the addition of the raid box solves this issue (short term). This is as expected and I am very happy about these results; I will make sure to keep all further item's as close to osrs based as possible. This is one of the next things I'd like to work on; my current thoughts are either a crest that would drop in pieces of 3 (meaning you'd have to obtain all 3 pieces via mega rare drop table) but when you smash it has a chance of either 1-50 d coins; 1-75 votes; 1-150 Crystal keys. I am open for more / different suggestions for this so please let me know in the discord or on this thread. So after seeing these results; I believe I am going to keep the current blood orbs in-game but scratch the further ones and try to think of a creative different approach to higher end gear. This will come with time; but I already have a pretty cool idea I'll share soon with clue scrolls. As for the Rev caves, I am going to attempt to see if degrading items per hit is a thing I am able to code; if not I am going to tweak the stats on rev caves item to make them a tier below GWD. So keep that in mind when buying / selling these items. I removed the ability for Serp Guards to hit through prayer as a temporary solution to this problem. I want to add afk-able methods to each one of the donator zones. As well as some mid tier PvM activities that are SEMI afk-able. This isn't a custom server meaning no method I add will allow you to afk for more then a few minutes at a time.
  5. Hello fellow creatures of Terrarium! I was told that you guys wanted to know more about ultra mystery boxes so I've gathered all the information and will explain it here for you! First off lets break down the math behind the boxes. The box has 3 different tables it can roll; common, uncommon and Rare; the chance for each table is as followed common (0-50%)) uncommon (51-91%) and rare (91-100%) . Currently nothing affects boosting your "luck" when opening these boxes, and I do not currently intend on adding anything to increase box / chest drop rate. The following is the "common drop table" The following is the "uncommon table" The follow is the "rare table" Please note I am looking to remove straight up buying best in slot from the store; I think this is extremely overpowered for an eco based server; this is good for a $10 box and I plan on making boxes above this tier (maybe one at $25 and $50) along with a "raid box". More to come on that I hope you guys enjoy this insider look!
  6. Serpentine Guardians Players can now access the new Serpentine Guardian zone; this zone drops the newest best in slot range gear. All drops from Zulrah are lowered by 1 tier on the Guardians making room for the new serpentine set on the "very rare" table. Make sure to bring your current best range set-up to defeat these mobs. Starter Boxes & Diaries New players will now have "Stater boxes" these boxes have requirements to open; but have helpful starting items. Players will have to complete the matching diary level (easy-hard) to open the boxes. Those who are not new players can still obtain these boxes from the vote shop Event Boxes & Zone The Game Master has used his magic and added boxes of chance as rewards for events. Boxes are tiered up to 5 with loot increasing in value in every box. Receive the "Game Master's ticket" from the tier 5 box and get any item from the donator store gilded (same stats and trade-able) The Game Master's Event zone has been added ::eventzone to check it out Donator zones Overhauled and updates to all donator zones Commands to get to each respective donator zone are; ::dzone, ::szone, ::vip, ::gzone, ::lzone Gameplay Changes & QoLs Moved around NPC's at home to make more sense for newer players Lowered prices of lower end items within Donator store increased prices of Raids weapons Changed nurses name to lower confusion Removed blood money (had no purpose) Fixed Level 7 enchant to properly work on jewelry The bond button will now re-direct to webstore Fixed karambwan fishing spot at fishing guild Added grace to gnome agility course Added Merchant to Rogue's Den Added key for sponsors + (for sale) to skip KC requirement at GWD dungeon Fixed granite maul spec Added Armadyl set to donator shop Bank value re-added (visual was removed beforehand) Ground item names won't show if valued under 10k Bug fixes & nerfs Removed brews and restores from consumable shop Increased cost of shark and monkfish in consumable shop Removed Dragon scimitar from Melee shop Increased camel mask & bear head price in Melee shop Increased prices in the range shop Increased prices of runes in the magic shop Removed all teleport to house tabs in general store Removed all herbs minus guam from general store Removed enchanted gem from general store added to slayer store Increased price on Tarn's diary to 10M in general store Removed rune pickaxe & axe from general store Removed all cut gems from crafting shop Removed diamonds & dragonstones from crafting shop Removed firecape, black mask and dragon defender from the vote shop Changed prices of items in vote shop Gave Magic shortbow (i) a range level requirement (previously had none) Barbarian Agility course will now track obstacles to ensure full lap ran (patch for previous exploit) Added requirement for coal when smithing Upgraded Scythe's are now properly coded as two handed Nerfed blood twisted bow to balance power upgrade (to be in line with the other blood weapons) Slightly buffed Blood Sang Staff to balance power upgrade Blood Ancestral hat can now be equiped Graceful's price doubled
  7. Hello! This guide was made to get new players starting in the right direction. Please note that this guide is mainly for non ironman as I use some methods that ironman cannot follow. You will begin your adventure here, at the custom home The first thing you'll want to do is ::vote make sure to properly type your name in and vote on all six sites. Once you have voted to claim in game please type ::reward 1 all. You'll be rewarded with 6 vote tickets (unless there's a voting event going on in which you'll receive extra tickets). Once you've voted check out the voting store! Now the items you are looking out for on this store are the fire cape (5 VP) or trying your luck at crystal keys which have new revamped drop list (found within the discord under #updates). I personally would buy the fire cape for 5 VP and then sell the remaining 1 VP for 1M-2M cash. You can sell and buy items in the bank at home here. After you've sold your extra vote ticket you can buy roughly 100 dragon bones (roughly 750k xp worth). Once you've bought your bones from the trading post run outside the bank and use them here. Those bones should land you around roughly level 70 prayer. Meaning you won't really have to worry about prayer for awhile. The next thing you want to do is either rush range or melee stats so that you can participate in the world boss that spawns roughly every 30 minutes( you can check the discord to see when and where it's spawned). You can either chose to train via slayer or get some early levels at rock crabs. All teleports are found here; Another extremely easy way to get combat levels are on double pest control days. The teleport is found under Minigames>Pest Control On double pest control point's day you get 10 points per run this means you average 100k combat experience per 2 minutes! Now once you've gotten roughly either 70 range or 70 attack and strength be on the look out for world boss spawns! The command to teleport directly to world boss is ::telewb however be careful! The world boss can spawn in very very deep wilderness. I'd bring 1-2 prayer potions a ranging or combat potion and an inventory full of food. The world boss can drop a maximum of 3 boxes per kill! Everyone gets a box who has done 500 damage; 2500 damage; and then a box for whoever kills the boss. These boxes go for 1-3M cash; or can be opened for useful early game rewards. To find drops for any monster follow along with the picture! Now that you are roughly 70's based stats let's take care of the rest of the good untradeables and work on that little extra money you need for a whip or your first big upgrade! There's no better way then slayer. Note while wilderness slayer does give more points ITS IN THE WILDERNESS AND YOU CAN DIE. From here you should be well on your way to to maxing / bossing. From here I'd use the monster drop guide and try to slowly grind towards your gear upgrades! Below is the best link to find ALL monster locations on this server.
  8. I would like to start off this post with saying this is a CONCEPT anything discussed in this thread are just concepts. They may or may not make it into the actual game. I wanted to make posts like this to write out some of my thought processes / idea's I have. As well as get feedback from you guys in the community on what you are feeling. My end goal is to have purely community driven updates. Things to remember; we want to stay old school based custom server. This means we will have customs, however we want the content to feel like something that OSRS might implement. Remember none of us have years of coding experience or modeling experience. Therefore we are limited with the concepts we can put in game and the capabilities we have. This concept is to start expanding on slayer, I believe slayer is a good skill to grind out major upgrades with and is currently quite limited and not very rewarding. "Tear in the Terrarium" The Game Master was messing with the creatures of Terrarium and accidently ripped open a void to a different dimension. He wants us to climb down into the void and defeat the creatures before they overtake Terrarium! Ability to enter "The void" 2500 slayer points (wildy slayer on double point day currently gives 100 points with max streak) Ability to utilize "The void weaponry" 2000 slayer points The idea is once you've unlocked the ability to descend into the void and fight phased void monsters. The void monsters on the "super rare" drop table would drop 1 of 3 parts of either a bow a staff or a sword. These are tradable parts and once you have all 3 you'd combine them for the full weapon which on slayer task would increase damage by 20%. Stats somewhere at third best in slot to forth, meaning the 20% accuracy and damage to tasks would put it as a clear first while on task. The bow/staff/sword would take charges dropped as a common drop on the void creatures. The color scheme in my head is a light purple similar to this; with the translucence Let me know what you think / any idea's or changes you have in mind. Again I want this to be community driven content. Please remember this is a CONCEPT.
  9. I thought it would be a fun idea to show my progression on how I level my hardcore (and how I hopefully max it). Hopefully this will be a cool update thread to show other irons / hardcores. Before I begin just know I am in no way an expert in the ways of the ironmen. I've never really made an ironman myself so this will be a new thing for myself. To begin with I started my ironmans adventure on 5/4/21 6pm CST. I decided to start off with a little bit of "pay to win" as the current goodie bags for the month of May where to good to pass up. So I bought x2 of the 100 coin package. Doing that gave me 3 shots at the goodie bag where I guessed number 3-7-18 and received a $50 Scroll, Ags, and 300 anglerfish. I also voted for 6 vote tickets and grabbed a fire cape and a crystal key. The tier one goodie bag Current Starting bank I will update you with more once I start! I think my first goal will be to get enough prayer and HP to do some world bosses! Posting this at the end of day 1. I was having a hard time figuring out what to do with the donator coins, I didn't want to outright buy any items as I think that takes away from being an ironman. However I am a HUGE gambler and love a good box opening so I donated for a few more Ultra mystery boxes <------- Inventory full of disappointment. So I jumped into discord and streamed myself opening boxes so that I could share this...... pain with everyone. This wasn't a complete rip, and in fact the bones + the xp book actually rocketed forward my progression. Prayer being such a huge skill to keeping an ironman alive. We shall call this opening "worth" (just don't think about how much it cost me) So I popped open my xp book and got on my knee's like... well lets not go there. All those bones and I was able to get to 96 prayer. So we can leave that on the back burner for awhile. From there I fished and cooked some food. I think I want to get 1k sharks out of the way so I don't have to revisit fishing for a bit. So I am ending my night with the following stats and bank
  10. Agility Everything you need to get started on agility with can all be found at Grace Grace has 4 options (with rooftops giving additional options) for teleports Below are the level requirements needed for each course *note that only rooftop courses can grant mark's of grace* Gnome Course - Level 1 Barbarin Course - Level 35 Wilderness Course - Level 52 Draynor Rooftop Course - Level 10 Varrock Rooftop Course - Level 30 Seers Rooftop Course - Level 60 Ardougne Rooftop Course - Level 90 Graceful Store prices in Marks below Full graceful will run you 260 Marks *STILL WORK IN PROGRESS WILL BREAK DOWN XP PER RUN OF EACH COURSE*
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