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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fsx7qp7f6slfdjw/VOLUME ON - Finally Done.mp4?dl=0 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK What am I? PM me the answer for a mystery prize ;) - (unclaimed)
  2. All hail daddy bora for having the awareness to make this x2 speed
  3. This god that created Terrarium, watching freely, he laughs as those from all over gather to slay the monsters of this world. Spending hours developing their skill's, honing their focus. If only those same Terrarian's could be so tactful in the reality of terra. That is why this god laugh's. You see the moment a player of terrarium logs out, almost instantaneously they fall asleep on their return to Terra.
  4. For all my crack head friends out there that haven't thought about this yet 😜 This is meant to be a simple guide on efficiency. "Multi-training" = Items you'll need = There's oaks and willows on the left hand side outside the gate. Rinse and repeat according to your WC/FM/FLETCH! Once you hit 60 WC head on in through the gate and get those 99's ⬇ Here's a multi method for smithing, mage, fm and cooking incase you want to take a look ⬇
  5. Version 1.0.0


    -=Current Download Link=- Click here ^☝️
  6. soul child


    Welcome devils 😈
  7. What's up fellow terran's 😃 I'm soul child
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