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  1. Rock Crabs (North of Relleka) Monsters within this area: -Rock Crabs (level-13) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Desert Bandits (South of Bedabin Camp) Monsters within this area: -Bandits (level-74) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Brimhaven Dungeon Monsters within this area: -Moss Giants (level-84) -Red Dragon (level-152) -Fire Giant (level-86) -Black Demon (level-172) -Iron Dragon (level-189) -Steel Dragon (level-246) -Bronze Dragon (level-131) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chasm of Fire (top floor shown) Monsters within this area: -Lesser Demon (level-82) (top floor) -Greater Demons (level-92) (second floor down) -Black Demon (level-172) (base floor) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Elf Warriors (inside Lletya) Monsters within this area: -Elf Warriors (level-90) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mithril Dragons Monsters within this area: -Mithril Dragons (level-304) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Monsters within this area: -Cave Crawlers (level-23) -Cave Bugs (level-6) -Cockatrice (level-37) -Rock Slug (level-29) -Pyrefiend (level-43) -Basilisk (level-61) -Jelly (level-78) -Turoth (level-89) -Kurask (level-106) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kourend Dungeon Monsters within this area: -Ghosts (level-19) -Cyclops (level-81) -Moss Giants (level-84) -Dagannoth (level-92) -Warped Jelly (level-112) -Dust Devil (level-93) -Death Spawn (level-46) -Twisted Banshee (level-89) -Deviant Spectre (level-169) -Shade (level-140) -Lesser Demon (level-) -Black Demon (level-172) -Abyssal Demon (level-124) - Ankou (level-75) -Possessed Pickaxe (level-50) -Brutal Red Dragon (level-289) -Brutal Blue Dragon (level-271) -Brutal Black Dragon (level-318) -Bronze Dragon (level-131) -Hill Giant (level-28) -Greater Demon (level-101 & 92) -Greater Nechryael (level-200) -Mutated Bloodveld (level-123) -Iron Dragon (level-189) -Dark Beast (level-182) -Fire Giant (level-86) -Hellhound (level-122) -Steel Dragon (level-246) -Magic Axe(same location as Possessed Pickaxe) (level-42) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Karuulm Dungeon Monsters within this area: -Hydra (level-194) -Wyrm (level-99) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lithkren Vault Monsters within this area: -Adamant Dragon (level-338) -Rune Dragon (level-380) -Mithril Dragon (level-304) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Slayer Tower (only bottom floor of 3 shown) Monsters within this area: -Crawling Hand (1st floor) (level-8) -Banshee (1st floor) (level-23) -Dust Devil (2nd floor) (level-93) -Infernal Mage (2nd floor) (level-66) -Bloodveld (2nd floor) (level-76) - Gargoyle (3rd floor) (level-111) -Nechryael (3rd floor) (level-115) -Abyssal Demon (3rd floor) (level-124) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Smoke Dungeon Monsters within this area: -Infernal Mage (level-66) -Banshee (level-23) -Nechryael (level-115) -Dust Devil (level-93) -Bloodveld (level-76) - Gargoyle (level-111) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stronghold Monsters within this area: -Bloodveld (level-76) - Ankou (level-75) -Fire Giant (level-86) -Hellhound (level-122) -Aberrant Spectre (level-96) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Taverley Dungeon Monsters within this area: -Skeleton (level-22) - Ghost (level-19) -Giant Bat (level-27) -Chaos Druid (level-13) -Black Knight (level-33) -Magic Axe (level-42) - Hill Giant (level-28) -Dark Beast (level-182) -Chaos Dwarf (level-48) -Baby Dragon (level-48) -Blue Dragon (level-111) -Black Demon (level-172) -Poison Spider (level-64) -Monk of Zamorak (level-45) -Black Dragon (level-227) -Hellhound (level-122) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wyvern Cave Monsters within this area: -Taloned Wyvern (level-147) - Ancient Wyvern (level-210) -Long-tailed Wyvern (level-152) -Spitting Wyvern (level-139) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skeletal Wyvern Monsters within this area: -Ice Warriors (level-57) - Ice Giants (level-53 -Skeletal Wyvern (level-140) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cave Horrors Monsters within this area: -Cave Horror (level-80) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kalphite Cave Monsters within this area: -Kalphite Soldier (level-85) -Kalphite Guardian (level-141) -Kalphite Worker (level-28) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wilderness Monsters within this area: -Ent (level-80) -Earth Warrior (level-51) -Vet'ion (level-454) -Black Chinchompa (level-2) -Ankou (level-75) -Chaos Fanatic (level-202) -Lesser Demon (level-82) -Mammoth (level-80) -Skeletal Wyverrn (level-140) -Battle Mage (level-54) -Abyssal Demon (level-124) -Hellhound (level-122) -Chaos Elemental (level-305) -Black Demon (level-172) -Fire Giant (level-86) -Callisto (level-470) -Lava Dragon (level-252) -Dark Warrior (level-145) -Green Dragon (level-79) -Giant Mole (level-230) -Skeleton (level-22) -Crazy Archaeologist (level-204) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. To start off with Woodcutting, head over to the Shop Assistant on the left side of the home map. After talking to him you will be able to buy most axes you will need, in order to level up your skill faster from him! If you are unsure of what axe you can use, simply go into your skills tab on the right hand side of your interface, right click on the tree icon, and select View Woodcutting guide. Once opened you will be able to see all applicable Hatchets you can use, Trees you can chop down, Canoes, as well as Milestones! Once you reach level 60 in Woodcutting you gain access to the Woodcutting Guild (shown above) available in the Terrarium Teleports (skilling tab). From there its all a grind until Level 99 when you max out and can obtain the Woodcutting Cape!
  3. For all my crack head friends out there that haven't thought about this yet 😜 This is meant to be a simple guide on efficiency. "Multi-training" = Items you'll need = There's oaks and willows on the left hand side outside the gate. Rinse and repeat according to your WC/FM/FLETCH! Once you hit 60 WC head on in through the gate and get those 99's ⬇ Here's a multi method for smithing, mage, fm and cooking incase you want to take a look ⬇
  4. Cybora

    Vorkath Guide

    Vorkath Guide Combat level: 732 Max hit 30-Magic Max Hit 32-Melee Max Hit 32-Range 73 (Dragonfire) 121 (Dragonfire Bomb/Special) Attack style: Slash, Magic, Ranged, Dragonfire Gear Set-Up Void Range- You can obtain from doing Pest Control Mini-game Snakeskin boots<Ranger boots<Pegasian boots Ava's attractor< Avas accumulator< Avas assembler(made with vorkaths head and accumulator) Ring of recoil<Archers ring<Archers ring (i) Dragon Warhammer-lowers the target's current Defence level by 30% on a hit other than zero Toxic Blowpipe- Good DPS using Dragon Darts Anti-Venom Anti-Fire Runes needed: Alternatives: If you can't afford a DWH you can use a BGS: Void Melee Helm/Dragon Defender Useful Switches for DWH: Best Weapons (Best To Worst) - DHCB > BP > ACB > DCB > RCB TIP: Remember to bring an Anti Dragon Fire Shield if you're using a crossbow! I would always pray magic again Vorkath SPECIAL ATTACKS Poison Pool Quickfire Barrage When Vorkath spits poison pools on the ground, you should disable prayers and continuously walk on clean ground to avoid damage. As long as you are moving, Vorkath's quick-fire barrage will not deal damage. Standing or moving over a poison pool leeches health from your hp and heals Vorkath. Zombified Ice Dragonfire Vorkath's other special attack is the zombified ice dragonfire. Vorkath will use white dragonfire which freezes you. Vorkath then spawns a Zombified Spawn several spaces away and crawls towards you, while the spawn is alive, Vorkath is immune to all attacks. If the spawn reaches the player before being defeated, it will deal up to 60 damage. This can be countered by using crumble undead on the zombified spawn asap
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