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Found 2 results

  1. To start off with Woodcutting, head over to the Shop Assistant on the left side of the home map. After talking to him you will be able to buy most axes you will need, in order to level up your skill faster from him! If you are unsure of what axe you can use, simply go into your skills tab on the right hand side of your interface, right click on the tree icon, and select View Woodcutting guide. Once opened you will be able to see all applicable Hatchets you can use, Trees you can chop down, Canoes, as well as Milestones! Once you reach level 60 in Woodcutting you gain access to the Woodcutting Guild (shown above) available in the Terrarium Teleports (skilling tab). From there its all a grind until Level 99 when you max out and can obtain the Woodcutting Cape!
  2. For all my crack head friends out there that haven't thought about this yet 😜 This is meant to be a simple guide on efficiency. "Multi-training" = Items you'll need = There's oaks and willows on the left hand side outside the gate. Rinse and repeat according to your WC/FM/FLETCH! Once you hit 60 WC head on in through the gate and get those 99's ⬇ Here's a multi method for smithing, mage, fm and cooking incase you want to take a look ⬇
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