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Shadow Corey

Mystery Box Rewards

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Common Rewards

All Barrows items
25 Torstol
70 willow logs
60 maple logs
50 yew logs
50 magic logs
25 redwood logs
45 runite ore
500 runite ore
350 runite bars
25 lava dragon bones
75 anglerfish
75 dark crab
20 magic longbow (u)
Dark Bow
Musketeer Hat
Pirate hat and patch
Dragon Longsword
Dragon 2h
Dragon boots
Crystal Bow
Crystal Shield
g maul
50 rune dart
40 dragon darts
dragon chain
obby necklace
regen bracelet
scythe (cosmetic)
Abyssal Whip



Uncommon rewards

Rune cane
sagacious spectacles
Ring of Wealth Scroll
Top Hat
Rubber Chicken
Gilded Boots


Rare rewards

3rd age bow
3rd age wand
3rd age longsword
3rd age cloak
Dragon cane
Leprechaun hat
$5 scroll
Granite clamp
10m cash
Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit
Ward upgrade kit
Steam staff upgrade kit
godsword shard 1

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