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Rolla's Hardcore Ironman Adventures

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I thought it would be a fun idea to show my progression on how I level my hardcore (and how I hopefully max it). Hopefully this will be a cool update thread to show other irons / hardcores.


Before I begin just know I am in no way an expert in the ways of the ironmen. I've never really made an ironman myself so this will be a new thing for myself.


To begin with I started my ironmans adventure on 5/4/21 6pm CST.


I decided to start off with a little bit of "pay to win" as the current goodie bags for the month of May where to good to pass up. So I bought x2 of the 100 coin package. Doing that gave me 3 shots at the goodie bag where I guessed number 3-7-18 and received a $50 Scroll, Ags, and 300 anglerfish. I also voted for 6 vote tickets and grabbed a fire cape and a crystal key.

spacer.png  The tier one goodie bag


Current Starting bank


I will update you with more once I start! I think my first goal will be to get enough prayer and HP to do some world bosses!


Posting this at the end of day 1. I was having a hard time figuring out what to do with the donator coins, I didn't want to outright buy any items as I think that takes away from being an ironman. However I am a HUGE gambler and love a good box opening so I donated for a few more Ultra mystery boxes

spacer.png <------- Inventory full of disappointment. 


So I jumped into discord and streamed myself opening boxes so that I could share this...... pain with everyone.



This wasn't a complete rip, and in fact the bones + the xp book actually rocketed forward my progression. Prayer being such a huge skill to keeping an ironman alive. We shall call this opening "worth" (just don't think about how much it cost me)


So I popped open my xp book and got on my knee's like... well lets not go there. All those bones and I was able to get to 96 prayer. So we can leave that on the back burner for awhile. From there I fished and cooked some food. I think I want to get 1k sharks out of the way so I don't have to revisit fishing for a bit.


So I am ending my night with the following stats and bank






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