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*CONCEPT* Slayer content update

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I would like to start off this post with saying this is a CONCEPT anything discussed in this thread are just concepts. They may or may not make it into the actual game. I wanted to make posts like this to write out some of my thought processes / idea's I have. As well as get feedback from you guys in the community on what you are feeling. My end goal is to have purely community driven updates.


Things to remember; we want to stay old school based custom server. This means we will have customs, however we want the content to feel like something that OSRS might implement. Remember none of us have years of coding experience or modeling experience. Therefore we are limited with the concepts we can put in game and the capabilities we have.


This concept is to start expanding on slayer, I believe slayer is a good skill to grind out major upgrades with and is currently quite limited and not very rewarding. 


"Tear in the Terrarium" 

The Game Master was messing with the creatures of Terrarium and accidently ripped open a void to a different dimension. He wants us to climb down into the void and defeat the creatures before they overtake Terrarium!


Ability to enter "The void" 2500 slayer points (wildy slayer on double point day currently gives 100 points with max streak) 

Ability to utilize "The void weaponry"  2000 slayer points 


The idea is once you've unlocked the ability to descend into the void and fight phased void monsters.


The void monsters on the "super rare" drop table would drop 1 of 3 parts of either a bow a staff or a sword.

These are tradable parts and once you have all 3 you'd combine them for the full weapon which on slayer task would increase damage by 20%. 

Stats somewhere at third best in slot to forth, meaning the 20% accuracy and damage to tasks would put it as a clear first while on task.

The bow/staff/sword would take charges dropped as a common drop on the void creatures.


The color scheme in my head is a light purple similar to this; with the translucence 



Let me know what you think / any idea's or changes you have in mind. Again I want this to be community driven content. Please remember this is a CONCEPT.




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