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New player guide

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Hello! This guide was made to get new players starting in the right direction. Please note that this guide is mainly for non ironman as I use some methods that ironman cannot follow.


You will begin your adventure here, at the custom home



The first thing you'll want to do is ::vote make sure to properly type your name in and vote on all six sites. Once you have voted to claim in game please type ::reward 1 all. You'll be rewarded with 6 vote tickets (unless there's a voting event going on in which you'll receive extra tickets). Once you've voted check out the voting store!


Now the items you are looking out for on this store are the fire cape (5 VP) or trying your luck at crystal keys which have new revamped drop list (found within the discord under #updates). 

I personally would buy the fire cape for 5 VP and then sell the remaining 1 VP for 1M-2M cash. You can sell and buy items in the bank at home here.



After you've sold your extra vote ticket you can buy roughly 100 dragon bones (roughly 750k xp worth). Once you've bought your bones from the trading post run outside the bank and use them here.



Those bones should land you around roughly level 70 prayer. Meaning you won't really have to worry about prayer for awhile. The next thing you want to do is either rush range or melee stats so that you can participate in the world boss that spawns roughly every 30 minutes( you can check the discord to see when and where it's spawned).

You can either chose to train via slayer or get some early levels at rock crabs. All teleports are found here;



Another extremely easy way to get combat levels are on double pest control days. The teleport is found under Minigames>Pest Control

On double pest control point's day you get 10 points per run this means you average 100k combat experience per 2 minutes!




Now once you've gotten roughly either 70 range or 70 attack and strength be on the look out for world boss spawns! The command to teleport directly to world boss is ::telewb however be careful! The world boss can spawn in very very deep wilderness. I'd bring 1-2 prayer potions a ranging or combat potion and an inventory full of food. The world boss can drop a maximum of 3 boxes per kill! Everyone gets a box who has done 500 damage; 2500 damage; and then a box for whoever kills the boss. These boxes go for 1-3M cash; or can be opened for useful early game rewards. To find drops for any monster follow along with the picture!




Now that you are roughly 70's based stats let's take care of the rest of the good untradeables and work on that little extra money you need for a whip or your first big upgrade! There's no better way then slayer.



Note while wilderness slayer does give more points ITS IN THE WILDERNESS AND YOU CAN DIE.




From here you should be well on your way to to maxing / bossing. From here I'd use the monster drop guide and try to slowly grind towards your gear upgrades! Below is the best link to find ALL monster locations on this server.







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