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Bryce ONeal

Bryce ONeal Staff App

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Name (not full name, just what you'd like us to call you by) - Bryce ONeal

Age: 34

Time in RSPS Community: 15 Plus Years

Have you been a staff member on an RSPS before? If yes, who? Yes- DS, Near Reality, Silab Garza, (Original) PK Honor

How much time do you have devoted to Terrarium a week? 5-7 Days (5-10 Hours a Day)

Are you able to listen in/communicate via discord voice chat for weekend meetings? If not weekends, what days? - Any Day When Called Upon

What is your best aspect about yourself? - My ability to learn and catch on to new things at a fast rate.  Great at adjusting on the fly.

Why do you think you deserve a spot on the staff team? - Not sure if people here think i deserve it, i applied because i feel i can be a good asset to the team; and help out in game where staff lacks at times.

What can we do to better help you as a staff member? - Keep in communication with me and ill do the same. 🙂

Last but not least, what staff position are you applying for and why? Support, Moderator - We dont have a consistent Moderator online (Emergency Situations, Hackers, DDOSers, etc) We really need a mod online for 10-12 hours a day to rotate out with another one to monitor and do things that supports cant do, as we grow and get bigger as a server, when youtube vids come etc, it also brings negative attention, we need folks in place for things like that, that way we dont have always call on admins or the owners to handle situations that Moderators/ SS can take care of. I feel i can do that here. 🙂

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