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Ultra Mystery Box Guide

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Hello fellow creatures of Terrarium!


I was told that you guys wanted to know more about ultra mystery boxes so I've gathered all the information and will explain it here for you!

First off lets break down the math behind the boxes. The box has 3 different tables it can roll; common, uncommon and Rare; the chance for each table is as followed common (0-50%)) uncommon (51-91%) and rare (91-100%) . Currently nothing affects boosting your "luck" when opening these boxes, and I do not currently intend on adding anything to increase box / chest drop rate.

The following is the "common drop table"



The following is the "uncommon table"




The follow is the "rare table"



Please note I am looking to remove straight up buying best in slot from the store; I think this is extremely overpowered for an eco based server; this is good for a $10 box and I plan on making boxes above this tier (maybe one at $25 and $50) along with a "raid box". More to come on that I hope you guys enjoy this insider look!


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