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New management / goals

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Hello fellow creatures of Terrarium! 


I know surface level it might not seem like a lot has happened over the last few weeks however behind the scenes I've been working everyday to make sure this project stays full steam ahead. As most of you know Grumpy just created his 2nd gold farmer; I mean child and is taking a backseat on the OSRS server to help work on the custom side. He however did not fully leave, I still talk with him almost everyday and is up to date on all the changes / goals I've made for the server.


Some of my initial plans of action where to build up a staff team; as majority of the team has moved to building the custom server I needed to find people who can fill the slots. I am happy to say I've found three people who I think can really help get this show on the road.


Tanker65 / Elite tank : This will be our new community manager; I've known tanker for almost 10 years and I think he will make a great addition to the team. He will also be aiding on the dev side with smaller projects.


Tyler / Dev Tyler: He will be our second dev behind myself; Tyler has worked on coding p servers for fun (nothing released) and has a college degree in comp/scie. I hope with his help coding will be a breeze and maybe with that college degree he can teach us some advance coding techniques (Grumpy still #1 though)


Z / Kat: He will be lead of staff ( that being hiring / mods / ss) along with overall aid within the community.


I hope you all have seen these guys around; they've been playing on there player accounts for about two weeks now and you should see there staff accounts around soon enough; as well as introduction from all of them on the forums soon! 



So as we all know Terrarium has its... lets call it 🌟 charm 🌟 and we are working every day to slowly chip away those rough edges to get a more clean feel to the server. What this means is we are focusing on QoL and current bugs before any future updates. What you can expect over the next few weeks are shop re-vamps, drop table re-vamps, box re-vamps, QoL's fixes, and things along those lines. We looked though all of the bug reports and have started to knock those out as well. This might seem like we are slowing down because there's no exciting new content update but like I've told many players in game think of the server like building a house. I am trying to make sure we have a solid foundation before adding on extra floors and a pool.


However you have nothing to worry about as far as future content goes, I am never short of idea's; in fact my idea's are only limited by the skill of our coding, which will also grow with the server.


For those of you that read the entire thread; comment congratulating Grumpy on his new born for a chance to win a raid chest!



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Congratulations Grumpy and your family. Congrats on the boy. wishing him good health

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