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Raid's guide

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Hello fellow Terrarium creatures!


I see everyone has been enjoying the updated raids so I figured I'd make a quick guide explaining / showing methods of clearing; please note everything is subject to change and raids are still being looked at / tweaked. 


First let's start off with how to get to raids; locate the "Terrarium Teleports" which is found by clicking the "earth" icon on your action bar; from there locate minigames and raids.



From here you must either join your cc, or a cc of a person you'd wish to join raids with

Below is what I think current best in slot raid set-up would look like (up for debate)


My reasoning is as followed

Helm slot: Serp is by far the best in slot for many reasons; venoming bosses with higher health meaning overall dps increase / stops you from being poisoned in raids. If you had to pick a replacement i'd go with your best in slot hybrid helm or your best in slot for whatever your main style is going to be.

Cape slot: The capes you get as milestones from raids are best in slot; they start at 2.5% flat damage increase at raids and scale 2.5% per cape upgrade (caps at 12.5% with the highest cape) more details on thresholds of capes below.

Neck slot: If you are not in best in slot and can't afford 4 way switches I'd go with a fury or whatever your best hybird neck is

Ring slot: I think brimstone is the best in slot hybrid ring in pure stats which is why I picked it.

The rest of the slots are pretty self explanatory. 



Budget build



In total there are 5 rooms in raids; the first four can come up in any random order. The rooms are as followed


Lizardmen Shaman

This room is fairly simple; pray melee and should be a breeze.




For this room the closest enemy you'll need to use melee on; while praying melee. The back left you'll need range and hybrids (range / magic) damage. The back right you'll need magic gear and does magic damage.




Melee vanguard


Range Vanguard


Magic Vanguard





Easy room; just throw up protect from melee




Pray magic; simple room ( will be adding hybird magic to range and attack all)




You must kill both claws with the respective styles listed then you can attack the head; make sure to pray magic in this room and move every time a pool of poison appears below you (serp helmet) makes it so it won't poison you afterwards.




After hitting thresholds of raids complete you will get some guaranteed rewards 

After 24 raids you will receive your first raids cape that gives you 2.5% more damage in raids ( as well as a raid pet)

After 49 you'll get the 2nd cape 5% more damage

After 74 you'll get the 3rd cape 7.5% more damage (as well as a raids pet)

After 99 you'll get the 4th cape at 10% more damage 

After 149 you'll get the final raids cape 12.5% more damage ( as well as a raids pet)

After 199 you'll get a raids pet (secret)

After 249 you'll get a raids pet (secret)

That is all I will share with you on that; lets move on to the common table in raids. It is coded after finishing a raid the game will roll a number 1-200; if that number is 180 or below you'll get a common reward; anything over and you hit the rare table. These are the only two tables in raids; and no drop rate items affect this.



Now remember these are the MAX amount you can get but it rolls from 1-(max amount) meaning you can get 1 diamond if unlucky enough. I will list out the herbs in order from top left to bottom right incase people want to know. Toadflax; rannar, irit, avantoe, kwuarm; snapdragon; cadatine; dwarf weed


Rare table



The chest is the "raid chest" which has the following drops




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