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[June 3rd, 2021] Fixes / overhauls

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Hello fellow creatures of Terrarium!

I just wanted to make this post to keep everyone informed of all the little tweaks / fixes within the last two mini updates;


Donator store overhaul



We've removed any best in slot trade-able item; for the health and longevity of the economy. We've instead introduced two new boxes to the store; one was an existing box (Raid's chest) which is a rare drop from CoX; and the second being the Uber Mystery Chest. 


Rare table within Uber Mystery Chest



The goal of this box was to have something that is high risk high reward; the rare table on this is incredible however; be warned; the bulk of the value in this box is in the rare table; hitting any other table will almost always be a rip (value of box in donator coins compared to item)



We've also added in the ava's assembler to both the vote store and the donator store; I pondered adding it into the general store for like 250m; but I think it's one a very steep price and two; very early into the economy to add such a huge gp sink.


Top Donator Amulet / Voter Amulet

These will be awarded to the top donator of the month / voter of the month; The TVOM amulet has 5% drop rate while the donator has 10% below are the stats

Top Voter Amulet



Top Donator Amulet




World boss overhaul

We removed all wilderness locations from the world boss (;;telewb) as well as lowering the rareness of the uncommon table; while adding the "world key" to the table. We also re-introduced a third box for the player with the most damage on the boss.



I've been messing with raids a lot over the past week trying to make it exciting as can be; with the re-worked raids table (which can be found under guides) as well as introducing the raid box I think we are at a happy medium; and I myself as a player get very excited every time I complete a raid. As a temporary test I've removed all food drops from the bosses with raids; I think raids are very easily solo-able without food drops; and is meant to be end game; meaning if you need extra food drops / banking you are probably under geared for the occasion. 


Weapon buffs

All blood weapons have been further increased by 10%; I believe there's not enough distinction between the normal versions and the blood versions of any weapon. I have decided to buff them all and have done some testing; further buffing / nerfing may be implied down the line.


Dragon hunter Crossbow

I have increased the multiplier on the damage while attacking dragons ( this was verified that olm counts as a dragon) the old multiplier called for 1.3x bonus when attacking dragons; but was still clearly out dps'd by a twisted bow. To close the gap / give the DHCB an edge I've increased that multiplier to x2 for the normal and 2.25x for the blood version. After testing this netted 10-14% faster kill times on olm (p ringed the melee arm)


Sang staff

After some testing I believed this item needed a slight buff due to the cost of use compared to the other blood items; with all blood items currently being tested to have a "life steal" affect sang needed a buff; therefore I increased its attack speed from 4 intervals to 3; as well as increased the multiplier on the base from .69 (ayy lmao) to .72. The blood Sang also had a huge increase on the amount of hp returned on hit.


Lastly I slightly increased the damage multiplier and accuracy on void; I want this to be a pretty close contender to later game gear; and a great budget set-up. It was previously x1.35 damage and has been increased to x1.5.



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